Places To See

Places To See near Tirupati

Kapilatheertam (Shiva Temple)

The Holy Temple of Kapila Theertham is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in over a 50 mile radius of the holy temple cities of Tirupati and Tirumala that abound with temples of the Vaishnavait Deity Vishnu. This huge temple stands at the entrance to a mountain cave in one of the steep and vertical faces at the foot of the amazing hills of Tirumala, where the waters of the mountain stream Paapa Vinasanam fall as a huge waterfall. A huge stone statue of a seated bull "Nandhi", Lord's Shiva's steed, greets devotees and passersby at the entrance to the temple.

Tiruchanoor (Padmavati Devi Temple)

Tiruchanoor, also known as Alamel Mangapuram, is situated about 5 km from Tirupati. The presiding deity in the temple is Goddess Sri Alamel Mangai popularly known as Sri Padmavathi Devi. It is said that a visit to Tirumala is fruitful only after visiting the Sri Padmavathi Devi temple. Once upon a time the Tiruchanur was called as Tiruchukanur. Interestingly, some centuries back, according to the historical evidences that the temple complex here was a museum that housed many deities of gods and goddesses. From Tirupati for the devotees, it takes a maximum time of one and half hours for both up and down journey plus worship in the temple.

Golden Temple (Sri Sakthi Amma's Temple)

Sripuram, the spiritual oasis stands as a testimony to the creative manifestation of Sri Sakthi Amma's divine vision, enabling humankind to tread the path of Dharma (righteousness), by understanding and transforming oneself, in the most difficult period of Kaliyuga.
The Golden Temple was built in a short span of 7 years. It was inaugurated on August 24, 2007. The consecration ceremony was witnessed by thousands of devotees. Since then, the temple has attracted hundreds of thousands of devotees; often breaching the 1 lakh mark on special occasions. The temple has also changed the face of Thiruamalaikodi village and the nearby town - Vellore. In the coming years, the temple envisages to create a positive influence on the society and ultimately bring about a change.

Sri Kalahasti (Shiva Temple)

Srikalahasti, is a holy town and a municipality near Tirupati in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi. It is also informally and wrongly referred to as Kalahasti. Recently,it has been included in the TUDA (Tirupati Urban Development Authority) region.[citation needed] It is one of the important ancient Shiva Kshetras (Shiva Temples) of Southern India. The Srikalahasti Temple occupies the area between the river bank and the foot of the hills and is popularly known as Dakshina Kailasam. The three lofty Gopurams of the temple are remarkable for their architecture. This temple was originally built during Pallava period and current structures are built by Chola Tamil King Kulothunga Cholan I,II and III during 11th century. A huge hundred pillared mantapam is built by Krishnadevarayar during 16th century which is another important feature of this shrine. It is one of the ancient temples included in the Saiva pilgrimages and the site of a famous Shiva temple with magnificent gopurams and is fairly close to the famous hill temple of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupati, one of the richest and famous temple cities in the world. It is also the origin of the popular textile painting art called kalamkari.

Kanipakam (Ganesh Temple)

Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple or Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple.
This historic temple is in Kanipaakam in Irala Mandal, Chittoor District. It is about 65 km from Tirupati city. The temple was constructed in the early 11th century CE by the Chola king Kulothunga Chola I and was expanded further in 1336 by the Emperors of Vijayanagara dynasty.
Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka as up-holder of 'Truth' The swayambhu idol of Kanipakam is the up-holder of truth. Day to day disputes between people is resolved by taking a 'special oath'. The people in the dispute take a holy dip in the temple tank and swear before the lord. It is taken as gospel truth.There are instances when the person who committed that sin voluntarily agrees as soon as he had the dip and much before entering the temple itself. It seems the Lord lawns invisibly on the sinner and makes him repent and feel guilty for his sinful deeds.
Thus the glory of Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka spread far and wide and the honorable courts uphold the 'special oath' in their judicial pronouncements.

Srinivasa Mangapuram(Kalyana Venkateswara Temple)

Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami temple is at Srinivasa Mangapuram situated 12 km to the west of Tirupati.
According to legend, Lord Venkateswara stayed here after his marriage with Sri Padmavathi Devi, before proceeding to Tirumala. Annual Brahmotsavam and Sakshatkara Vaibhavam are celebrated in grand manner.
It is believed that, individuals having trouble in getting married at proper age and people having a troubled married life, can pray here and get rid off their problems. So is the importance of this temple, that just by taking the prasadam of God or by performing some rituals, they will have a happy married life. Utsavam is performed to the Lord every day in this temple.